07 November 2008

War of the Puffins

Looks like Iggy Nation has fired the opening shot in what promises to be a "fight for the finished."

-- OTTAWA -- The Quebec wing of the federal Liberal party is proposing leadership rules that would prohibit prominent MPs from joining the race to succeed St├ęphane Dion.

Quebec officials are recommending that anyone with outstanding debt from the 2006 leadership race be disqualified — a rule that would hit Gerard Kennedy and Martha Hall Findlay, who each owe just under $200,000 from their unsuccessful bids.
Unlike bumbling Caspar Milquetoast... it looks like Iggy has a pretty good left hook.
Privately, supporters of Mr. Kennedy, Ms. Hall Findlay and other camps are furious with Michael Ignatieff, the perceived front-runner whose supporters dominate the Quebec wing's board of directors.

The board unanimously approved the submission, which rival camps contend is aimed at erecting barriers to potential candidates through a variety of measures.
Can't wait for round II.



Anonymous said...

Shhhh. Don't tell any Liberals that Iggy is basically Dion in English, and just an incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

So much for healing the party's wounds.
I almost feel sorry for them.....nah....so.....
Here's the reason I love Puffins.
(Warning, Not suitable for young children)

The only female puffin (Findlay) to stay in the 2006 puffer until the end, blasted the idea of imposing “artificial, exclusionary barriers” based on a puffins's ability to find (money) fish .
Had the colony (Party) gone that route last time, she said, no female puffins or dorky (Dion) puffins, would have been able to waddle there way into the leadership."

Such is state of the Liberals.
Running around breaking everybody eggs.
Must be an omelette thing.....