11 November 2008

Lest we forget

Do you know someone who enlisted in World War I?

-- Search the WWI CEF database --

Do you know a Canadian killed while serving his country?

-- Search the Commonwealth War Graves database --

My wife's grandfather (in the kilt) was wounded by German shelling and carried around shrapnel from WWI the rest of his life.

And he was one of the lucky ones... who got to come back and have a family and live out a long, productive life.

It's important to remember... "Freedom isn't Free."

"ps. what's with the piece pic on yr profile? Guns kill people man."

-- Posted by Rob Budde to halls of macadamia at 11:14 AM, May 09, 2008 --
Rob... thank you for asking that particular question.

The picture you refer to... is of a Colt Government Model 1911 pistol that was given to my son's great-grandfather by his father... right before the former took a few years unscheduled vacation in bloody, muddy France... shortly after the turn of the 20th century.

It does indeed have a couple of bodies on it... the result of a trench raid by its intrepid owner.

Perhaps you could also take a moment Rob, to reflect upon the fact that... were it not for soldiers and horrible, evil guns... you might not be sitting around at your computer trolling Conservative websites.

You might instead be chained to a workbench in a concentration camp making industrial products for the Greater German Reich.

But again... thanks for asking.



Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the Commonwealth database link. I just found my husband's uncle's name.

Neo Conservative said...

for the cef database... you can get photocopies of the rest of the records at minimal cost.

we did it for the boy in the kilt.


Sammy said...

Thanks for this post Neo..just went to your links,and found my great-great Uncle who is buried in Calais,France.My Dad,happened to be named after him,and he never really talked much about the war,the death of family members overseas.What a greeat resource that site is.Bless you...and I pray today for all of our Vets,our troops in service today.We should remember them every day.not just today.

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... We should remember them every day, not just today."

too true.