22 January 2007

Where is Stephane Dion...

On a National Sword Registry..?

-- Quinte Health Care emergency departments treated patients for 4 gunshot wounds and 479 wounds inflicted by "knife, sword or dagger" in the year ending March 31, 2006. --
Maybe I just happen to live in the wrong part of the county, but I've yet to run into any of these swashbucklers.

Nevertheless if you're almost 500 times more likely to be skewered than shot... I can't believe the Liberals are missing another chance to "save Canadians from themselves."

Where's that Liberal "nanny state" when you really need it?

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Dylan said...

"Maybe I just happen to live in the wrong part of the county, but I've yet to run into any of these swashbucklers."

Great post. I'm impressed with the use of the word swashbucklers. It puts a comedic picture in my head of pirates plundering.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Did it never occur to you that the reason one is so much more likely to be stabbed in Canada than shot might be Canada's highly restrictive gun laws???

Are you really arguing that our gun laws are over-the-top by pointing out how unlikely it is in Canada that you'll be shot???

Now, I'm not saying the gun registry is the reason it's so unlikely that you'll be shot in Canada. That reasoning would be as specious as yours (well, ALMOST). However, implying that a low level of gun violence is a ratioinale for making our gun laws less restricitive seems kinda out there. If you're going to attack Canada's gun laws, "hardly anyone gets shot anymore" isn't necessarily the best line to take.

Oh, and 483 divided by 4 is about 120, not 500. You're 120 times more likely to be stabbed than shot according to these numbers, not "close to 500". Still says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the effectiveness of the gun registry though.

Neo Conservative said...

i stand corrected on the 120 to 1 ratio of being stabbed to shot... not enough coffee this morning, I guess.

as to the 2 billion dollars the fiberals poured into the "farmer bob rifle registry", i still contend it was one of the most useless pieces of political fluff and outright waste of taxpayer money ever inflicted on the canadian taxpayer.

hope i've at least made that much clear.


Anonymous said...

The Liberals new program to protect Canadians will put a cork on your fork so you don't stab your eye out while eating.

Unionized public 'servants' will be on stand by to perform Heimlich manouevres for those choking on corks who have filled out the correct paperwork and taken it to the right office. Everyone is happy.

Neo Conservative said...

that's a perfect analogy for what happened with the "farmer bob rifle registry"...

the prime beneficiaries of this fiscal black hole were the "public service" unions and the liberal friendly consultants and corporations...

it didn't stop one single crime, or one single criminal... but then, to be fair, they weren't even being targeted. this program only went after hunters, gun collectors and sport shooters... like olympic medalist linda thom.

if the liberal party truly wanted to be "tough on crime"... they could start by disbanding their own profligate party.


The Tiger said...

Don't give them any ideas.

Viz.: "Reductio creep".

Neo Conservative said...

tiger... i love it, a sharp stick registry...

because, as mothers have been saying since time immemorial, "sure it's fun... until someone loses an eye."