03 January 2007

Raging leftbot... the sequel

And over at Canadian Cynic, everybody's favourite "myblahg wannabe" gets all homo-erotic on me...

And over at Halls of Macadamia, Neo Conservative still can't pull his head out of other peoples' crotches.
I guess I can't really understand why CC has been so energised by my original post regarding genes and sexual preference.

His enthusiasm for the to-and-fro certainly exceeds his powers of deductive reasoning here... and all the silly name-calling, traditionally the sport of eight-year-old boys, does nothing to advance any sort of rational discourse.

It is fairly instructive however, to pick out one of his posts and follow the invariably fawning comments of his fellow-progressives.

Apparently, all it takes to discombobulate the loony-left, is for someone, anyone... to offer up an opinion that doesn't jive with their prevailing viewpoint.

It's interesting, you should try it.

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NateDawg said...

At least he didn't call YOU stupid :)

Neo Conservative said...

ah nate... unfortunately, as regards the "written word" in particular... cc's acknowledged enthusiasm appears to exceed his ability.

that, of course, is simply my opinion.

anyway, i'm sure cc will make reappear to attempt to disprove my hypothesis.

i wouldn't have it any other way.

Jason said...

In this post, CC thinks this is a real news story even though the website has "satire" written all over it.

That's your laugh for the day.

CC's a blowhard and a liar. He's very fond of childish insults, especially the homo-erotic kind that we all remember from the elementary playground. Don't expect any rational, reasoned arguments from him. He's simply never proven he's capable of creating any.