18 January 2007

NEWSFLASH... Dion renames his dog

In lieu of actually promoting any living, breathing women in liberal political circles, Stephane Dion has instead renamed his dog Germaine Greer.

-- Stéphane Dion managed not to disappoint any of his MPs today by giving 54 out of the 100 a critic assignment. So the Liberal shadow cabinet is larger than the Conservative, uh, light cabinet.

-- Yet even with all those bodies to work with, Dion managed to give the chairmanship and vice-chairmanship of every caucus committee to a man. Dion's vaunted eagerness to promote women in politics?

That begins later.
Again, don't look too closely at the magician's hands... just listen to the patter.

It's simply amazing.

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HearHere said...

Does anybody know what Dion means by "Social Justice" or is it just a nice slogan:

Social Justice: Definition

Social justice is about preventing human rights abuses and ensuring adherence to international law.

Focus: Issues of minority groups, especially international justice; women's and children’s issues. International justice particularly refers to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide.

Neo Conservative said...

nah, you're all screwed up... i think social justice is the name of his cat.


Ron M said...

Where’s Dion’s plan for Canada cutting 250 Mega tons of GHG emissions over the next few years. Dion’s Project Green was going to cost $12 billion by 2012 and cut emissions by about half of the Kyoto target with much of that money being spent outside Canada. Now Dion says no to nuclear. “Clean coal” and gas processing and pipelines in wilderness areas are OK and it’s OK to dam up every last river in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Of course the Greens in BC lapped up the tall tale. Not us in Ontario. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization came up with a plan for Canada’s used nuke fuel. Canada has spent $700 million on used fuel storage. Why didn’t Dion as environment minister speak out at the time if there’s a problem with the NWMO plan? Meanwhile the Liberal Government sold nuclear reactors to Romania and China. Why didn’t Mr. Dion speak out against the deals? Do the Romanians and Chinese have better plans for managing the fuel than Canada does? The Would be Emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

Meaningless platitudes. That's very Liberal.

Neo Conservative said...

boy, you guys are awfully picky... i'm still freakin' over how ralph goodale can drink a glass of water while steffi speaks.

i'll tell ya... there's gotta be some fairy dust somewhere in this deal.


Joanne said...

Liberal motto: "Do as I say, not as I do".

McGuinty follows it religiously.