25 January 2007

A great big steaming turd

Opposition Leader Stephane Dion stepped in it the other day, by offering to reinstate Libranos caught up in the Sponsorship Scandal... so today he's channeling Mr. Dithers...

"I am not seeking to reopen that issue and there's not an application from Mr. Côté as far as I know. There is a procedure we follow," Mr. Dion said, asserting that party officials would handle any such case. "I'm not recommending anything."
During the fiberal leadership race, I became convinced that Bob Rae was a gift to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Well, I admit it...I was wrong.

Steffi is the real icing on this political cake.

UPDATE: Dion "loses" a key endorsement

So a criminal endorses a party that is soft on crime. Gee, I wonder why.

OH NO... Not the environment too

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Ron said...

Never mind letting busted Lieberals back into the party. I still want to see the real ringleaders of Adscam get the cuffs slapped on them!

Neo Conservative said...

ain't gonna happen friend... teflon jean has flown the coop.

but don't worry, steffi can just buy another dog and this time call him "jesus"...