07 January 2007

So, not quite half of Globe & Mail readers...

Apparently 43% of Globe readers believe that global warming is solely a man-made phenomena...

-- My question would be... are these folks a subset of the 47% of Globe readers who believe in flying saucers? --

Just asking.

Actually, what's really got me freaked out is the missing 4% of these poor folk... and what happens if the aliens refuse to return them to their families.

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dmorris said...

I was going to leave a comment, but the fact that 47% of any allegedly rational group believes in flying saucers leaves me speechless.

William E. Demers said...

I made a post about it, but got little more than a sarcastic remark from some Liberal.

It's pretty ridiculous, eh.

Neo Conservative said...

what exactly were the expectations of the globe editorial board, when some sensitive leftzoid new-age genius first proposed this as a poll question?

and now that they have heard from their target demographic... will we see more flapdoodle about healing crystals and do-it-yourself insemination?