04 January 2007

Some animals are more equal than others...

Before the inevitable deluge of comments and email labelling me an elitist and a racist... I should point out to my lefty friend CC and his pack of yappy little hangers-on, this is a quote from George Orwell's "Animal Farm"...

It's about equal treatment before the law.

Manitoba's law banning smoking in almost all public places took effect in October 2004, the same month New Brunswick brought in a similar law. Saskatchewan followed suit in 2005, while Ontario and some other provinces enacted their laws more recently.

Manitoba's law specifically exempted native reserves, federal prisons and other areas where the provincial government felt it did not have jurisdiction.

A Court of Queen's Bench judge ruled last year the exemption violated the rights of non-natives to equal treatment under the law and ordered the province to apply the law on reserves.
The cigarette thing is less of a bother to me than say, terrorising and holding an entire town hostage for months... but you get the idea.

So much for "Justice is Blind."

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William E. Demers said...

This is an issue that bothers me regularly and that our current Minister of Indian Affairs may deal with at some point (I hope).

In this country we have Canadians and Indians (as is said by the law). This law is outdated, this law is racist and this law needs to be changed.

All Canadians, regardless of their creed, must be treated equally under the law.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The thing is that many natives feel that they are not Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but what does all this have to do with supporting the troops?

You lefties...always bringing up useless distractions when our boys at the front are defending your cowardly rears.


Neo Conservative said...

hey anony-mouse... better have another hit on the bong.

supporting the troops has nothing to do with unequal application of the law.