24 January 2007

Deseronto developer speaks up

CALEDONIA UPDATE: Did Dalton cave for nothing?

Land claims made by the Six Nations Confederacy near Caledonia, Ont. will not hold up in court, the federal government has said.

A Department of Justice report presented to the Six Nations Confederacy earlier this week made the statement.

Is Dalton McGuinty gonna shell out another 35 million dollars on this native protest too?
A Kingston developer at the centre of a native land dispute pledged Tuesday to forge ahead with his $35-million development plans for this waterfront community.

"No one has got a dime (invested) in there but me," he said. "We've had lines of credit in place since Nov. 15 and now the government is dragging its feet...

"So who is the only one losing money in this deal? It's not the town of Deseronto - they flip-flop day-to-day. It's not the County of Hastings. It's not the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. I'm taking the loss here.

"The Indians don't have a dime there, they're just coming after what we've got."
McGuinty has already set the precedent by purchasing the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia and essentially handing it over to the aboriginal protesters.

Why would this be any different?

UPDATE: Enough with the death threats already
A third Tyendinaga Territory man is facing criminal charges in connection to a Nov. 15 demonstration regarding a disputed land claim in Deseronto. Charged with two counts of uttering death threats and one count of mischief is Jerome Barnhart.

Earlier this month, two other men who were involved in the protest were arrested on charges including uttering death threats and assault.

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Anonymous said...

This is actually quite different because there is clear unextinguished Aboriginal title to the land, it was never surrendered as required by law. The land was illegally patented by the Crown to non-Mohawk interests. This time it will be Canada who will be paying, and the payment will be owed to the non-Indian interests who thought they were purchasing clear title.

Neo Conservative said...

canada = canadian taxpayers

i'd be interested in seeing your source for this... the developer obviously feels he has clear title.


Anonymous said...

The federal government accepted the claim on the basis that there was no lawful surrender of the land by the Mohawks to the Crown as required by law. The land is protected by a treaty called Treaty 3 & 1/2, Simcoe Deed, of 1793. As a treaty, the Simcoe Deed is protected by Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. Any title that the people living on the Culbertson Tract have is based on an original illegal patent from the Crown who did not receive a surrender of the land from the Mohawks. If you don't believe me then ask Indian & Northern Affairs for the surrender document for the land, they don't have one as required by law.

saga said...

The developer is just making threatening noises to get his buyout from the govie. That's all he's after. He has no permits from the local municipality to build, nor will he get any.