27 January 2007

Happy Anniversary Pop Quiz

What political party celebrated its one year anniversary by littering the streets with dead bodies... I mean, they ACTUALLY had... GUNS IN THEIR STREETS...?

As much as it will disappoint Steffi and the Fiberals... it wasn't the Harper Conservatives.

-- Fifteen people were killed in the Gaza Strip yesterday, including a two-year-old child, in the deadliest single day of fighting between rival Palestinian factions since Hamas came to power a year ago.
Remember the Liberal election ad that showed a handgun slowly being turned out to point right at viewers from their television sets... and the quick cut as it fired into your livingroom?

Those scary, hidden Conservatives never did get around to flooding our cities with dead bodies and guns, did they?

Unlike those Islamobots from Hamas... you know, the guys the Libs and Dippers are so quick to defend these days.

It was just another Liberal lie.

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Anonymous said...

So this had nothing to do with those big bad Israelis??? (sarcasm)

Sick Hamas.

Neo Conservative said...

the israelis have been too busy since 9/11 plotting with dick cheney and the cia... trying to figure out which iconic american symbols to target next with their supply of unmarked cruise missiles.

i hear the statue of liberty and the nixon library made the short list.