28 January 2007

Somebody tell me...

Which part of the Koran permits, nay, encourages... murdering children?

If it's not in there... then why does this ever increasing internecine slaughter go on and on?

Cementing their place firmly into history as the worlds most cowardly people, Islamic insurgents in Iraq turned their weapons on young girls....

-- Baghdad -- Mortar shells rained down Sunday on a girls' secondary school in a mostly Sunni area of western Baghdad, killing five pupils and wounding 20, witnesses and police said.
The rest of the article goes on to describe unceasing slaughter that would make Robert Pickton sit up and take notice.

Backshooting, bombs on buses and slaughtering children.

Way to go Religion of Peace.

GAZA UPDATE: They shoot babies, don't they?
A Fatah loyalist, a Hamas member, a teenager and a two-year old child were among those killed yesterday and two Hamas supporters died in an attack the previous night.
THE POINT: Libnip thinks I'm a meanie

In the comments... Liberal Catnip mewls that I'm being unfairly critical of the Religion of Peace.

I'm thinkin' it may not just be hardass, conservative me.

Right under the Globe and Mail headline article on not-so-peace lovin' Iraqitards mortaring a girls school... is, lo and behold... the same insane behaviour from their Gazan confreres...
Gaza City, Gaza Strip — Hamas and Fatah gunmen battled each other in the streets Sunday, having sent civilians fleeing from their homes in an increasingly bloody power struggle that left more than two dozen Palestinians dead over the weekend.

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catnip said...

Did you write a similar post about Christianity and the bible when Timothy McVeigh killed children in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Neo Conservative said...

catnip... please tell all.

i'd love to hear all about christian jihad and the constant, ever increasing bloody toll.

i can't seem to find all that reporting myself.


Neo Conservative said...

here kitty, kitty...

i'm thinkin' you're not gonna find too many equivalent stories about fundamentalist christian gangs roaming the american landscape, leaving bloody corpses hanging from lamp posts...

"A few minutes after setting out, the soldiers passed a school that, like the other two in the area, was closed. Two months ago, American officers say, a teacher was raped, mutilated and strung up by her feet outside the building, left to hang for days."

but i'd sure be interested in hearing them if you do...


Jeff said...

which part of the holy bible tells devout roman catholics to drive moving bombs into public buildings in oklahoma killing men, women and the babies in the daycare centre?

Anonymous said...

The moral relativism of these posters (catnip, jeff) makes me want to puke!!

Comparing one horrible incident by a couple of wackjobs in Oklahoma (Christians or not, I don't believe I heard that they were screaming "God Bless" upon bombing the building) to legions of islamic radicals around the world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Darfur, West Bank, GAza, Lebanon, Bali, Phillipines, Indonesia, Spain, UK, etc..) and who live in a death cult (and gladly die) only to hate and destroy the western way of life is just mind boggling!

When you can equate these two groups in any way then you've totally lost sense of reality IMHO!



Neo Conservative said...

"jeff davidson said... which part of the holy bible tells devout roman catholics to drive moving bombs..."

jeff, jeff... not again.

perhaps you should actually do a little research, before you again flap your increasingly annoying socialist piehole.

mcveigh was a paranoid psychopath, who, when he wasn't soldiering, mostly hung around with guys who dealt meth-amphetamine... who, in all likelihood weren't especially religious.

mcveigh apparently believed the government was out to get him. he had plenty of problems and was wired up way too tightly.

after his despicable act, he was caught, tried and executed... not publicly celebrated by any religion that i know about.

anyone who uses mcveigh as an analogue to islamofascism is either being simple or purposely deceitful. jeff the bug boy has a demonstrated propensity for both.

here jeffy... oh, and you too catnip... read slowly now.

"Reporting on his execution, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described McVeigh as "an avowed agnostic" whose sudden last-minute decision to see a Catholic priest just before his execution surprised everyone who knew him."

"As recently as July 2001, even a lefty like Barbara Ehrenreich (writing in the Progressive) did not portray McVeigh as having religious motives. She called McVeigh a "homegrown neo-Nazi mass murderer," yes; Christian fundamentalist, no."


The Arabian Knight said...

I wouldn`t care too much for Catnip`s newfound concern for muslims neo. Last year when a dozen brave Muslim professionals wrote a passioned letter to their fellow believers that the interpretation of Islam must be reformed and that Muslims have a responsibility at diminishing the virus living in our community, Catnip simply brushed them off as people who don`t know what they`re talking about.

And during the Liberal leadership race, when Ignatieff defended the Afghan mission based on humanitarian reasons, she angrilly responded by stating that the way the Taliban treated their people was not a real violation of human rights. And then called for...intervention in Darfur. I challenged her thinking, and low and behold having no leg to stand on, it turns out she`s against all `military intervention` and declared herself a "pacifist", I asked how could she be a "pacivist" when she`s asking for military intervention in Darfur, as that mission would most certainly require....military intervention. No response.

Long story short, the only muslims you`ll see her (Or Jeff) attacking viciously are the ones who are trying to reform their lands and they`re way of life. And like all their political camp, the only tragic muslim death is the death that can be blamed on Bush or Harper. Any others its *shrug*.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno guys...

i just can't get my head around the amount of willful self-deception leftbots like bugboy and libnip must practice, to spout such nonsense.

i almost feel sorry for them.