17 January 2007

Nato bats are hot this week

UPDATE: 19 Jan 2007 - Talib prisoner dimes out Omar

A TOP Taliban official's claim that the movement's leader, Mullah Omar, is living in Pakistan under the protection of the ISI spy agency has threatened a new crisis in relations between Kabul and Islamabad.
Of course, if you're being interrogated by Afghan Intelligence, chances are you'd confess to shooting JFK from the grassy knoll.

It's been a pretty crummy week for the Taliban... as NATO scoops up a couple more high value targets...
-- “This seizure of a Taliban commander once again shows that there is nowhere to hide for insurgent leaders,” said Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, a NATO spokesman.

-- The operation came a day after Afghan agents arrested Mohammad Hanif, a purported militant spokesman as he crossed through an international border checkpoint from Pakistan.
Hot on the heels of last month's vaporisation of Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani... these latest captures will no doubt have an effect on the bad guys morale.

I imagine the two prisoners will also be doing their best to please their Afghani interrogators. I know I would be.

THIRD WORLD UPDATE: Charter of what?
Scene: A small brightly lit room with a bucket of water and a hand cranked generator sitting nearby. A dapper interrogator talks to a blindfolded suspect tied naked to a chair.

"Goodness gracious my friend, I must be having some co-operation about this matter. I am just getting off the telephone with my good friend George Bush and he is most angry with you... veddy, veddy angry."

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Wil Robinson said...

I wonder why NATO and the American troops are calling for more boots on the ground, then, citing increased violence and an Al Qaeda and Taliban stronghold in Eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan, if things are going so swimmingly.

Neo Conservative said...

hey wil... you wanna win a war, you put as many boots on the ground as you can.

it's only whiny leftbots who are going apeshit about disproportionate response... if you want to win, you bring in enough trigger pullers to overwhelm the enemy.


Wil Robinson said...

I'm not debating about what is needed to win...I'm merely pointing out that while you look at the rout of the Taliban, this doesn't jive with commanders calling for more troops.

If you are winning, why send more troops?

You can't have it both ways - there may be something in the middle - but you can't simultaneously exclaim how well things are going and also call for more troops because the violence is escalating.

As for your "whiny leftbots" label...keep that up. No better way to win an argument that calling names.

Neo Conservative said...

"wil said... I'm merely pointing out that while you look at the rout of the Taliban, this doesn't jive with commanders calling for more troops"

wil, it's a guerilla war. every time the taliban stands and fights... they get their islamic asses handed to them. so they revert to their strengths, backshooting nato soldiers and terrorising the civilian populace.

if it takes more 'ass in the grass' to root out these cowardly terrorists... i say let's do it.

and my characterization of self-named progressives notwithstanding, that's what's happening.