18 January 2007

Better 'Club Fed' than dead

Remember Kuldip Singh Samra?

You should... you've been paying for his holiday at Club Fed...

A gunman who executed two innocent men in a courtroom slaying has spent almost six years in a minimum security facility dubbed Club Fed for its golf course, tennis court and organic farm, a Superior Court jury heard yesterday.

Lawyer Oscar Fonseca, 51, and Bhupinder Singh Pannu, 31, both died. Amarjit Singh Tatla, whom Samra had targeted for death, survived but was paralyzed from the waist down. Samra fled and hid in his native India before being extradited back to Canada in 1992.
Now that he's tuned up his golf game, Samra thinks he should be put back on the street.

It's time to retool this whole corrections thing.

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William E. Demers said...

Absolutely disgusting. The prisons in our country are practically country clubs.

Probably designed this way on purpose by the Liberals, in case their white collar crimes were uncovered ;)

dmorris said...

They've closed the golf course at Ferndale! And it was only a nine holer! So a suffering inmate would have to go around twice in order to play a full round.

This institution at one time was the pride of the Corrections system, and even went so far as to allow Colin Thatcher his riding horse, to complete his rehabilitation. I don't know if they built an equestrian arena for him, although I can't see why they wouldn't.

Worse than the golf courses, ping pong tables, weight rooms, is the queue jumping in the medical system afforded inmates.
Apparently, there was a plan to build a special hospital for inmates in the Fraser Valley. Abbotsford residents, who'd been lobbying for a new, and badly needed hospital, were up in arms over it. I don't know if it was ever built.

Neo Conservative said...

this just makes me ill.

this guy premeditatedly kills two men and turns a third in a paraplegic... and still gets into club fed. what i wanna know is...

what do you have to do to get rejected entry to this taxpayer funded spa?