07 January 2007

The armpit of the civilised world

A uniquely French solution...

The Gallic Shrug is one of many simple but brutally effective gestures listed in a new travel guide produced by the Paris tourist board.

Aware that it can do very little to change the stereotype of the arrogant Frenchman, it wants to help discerning visitors blend in by using the same body language.
And this is the country that Stephane Dion is so proud of?

When they're not wearing themselves out surrendering to foreign invaders, the French apparently stand in front of mirrors, practicing being rude.

The land of stinky cheese and worse manners.

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Anonymous said...

Are you completely out to lunch?
You've just insulted Canadians in a very broad way.
You are free to think France is the "armpit of the world" if you like. Who knows, you may like India better, or Bogota, England, Tonga or Bulgaria for all I care. Whichever country your ancestors came from, ran from, were deported from or by, have at it. Somehow, someway you wound up in Canada. However, by slagging a Canadian of French descent and by inclusion the Metis people of Canada merely because of French heritage, you've done a great disservice to many people who have built Canada and who have helped make your existence in Canada possible and hopefully enjoyable.
Ya nut.

Anonymous said...

Mais alors mon ami.... But lets remember we United EMpire Loyalists were slagged a lot too and we're still exquisitely polite and well mannered. That is the Canada we had builded here ...until Trudeau and his usurpers got their hands on it .We're still polite tho.

Neo Conservative said...

canadian cynic and his friends are back... "You've just insulted Canadians in a very broad way... Ya nut."

sorry my friend... i've simply insulted the french in a very specific way and i stand by it... as does apparently, the paris tourist board.

this is a typical leftbot tactic... the same mentality that produced the "soldiers in our streets... with guns" commercials to slander stephen harper.

while we're on the subject my friend, please point me to your posts where you uphold the honour of canadians of french and metis descent.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to show you posts where I uphold the honour of French Canadians or Metis: I have my heritage behind me. My grandfather was born in Duck Lake Saskatchewan in 1898 of a French-Canadian fur trapper of Voyageur descent and an American Indian mother, hence Metis.
Yes, Canada owes much to France and England for that matter, and using gallic mannerisms to try to slag Stephane Dion was as I said, out to lunch.
I've got an Italian hand signal that I am flashing your way. For clarification, ask Polliviere to translate for you.
Cheers :)

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see if i've got this right...

anyone who takes issue with the acknowledged (even by themselves) rudeness of parisians... somehow insults your honour as a metis descendant?

i think you better take another hit on the bong, my friend... :)

Anonymous said...

The Dion says he's better than you, me or any Canadian-only-citizen because he is a citizen of France.

The Dion says his French citizenship is an asset, makes him a real 'cosmopolitan' kind of guy - unlike you single-citizenship rednecks and hillbillys who sit around drinking beer and eating popcorn!

Neo Conservative said...

another question is what pierre pettigrew... with his parisian lovenest hide-away, thinks of all of us crass heterosexual anglo rednecks?