30 January 2007

Maybe it's not all George Bush...

Even the comments at SDA are more thought provoking than most Liblog happy-happy...

Anthropologists have long tried to close their minds to the plentiful evidence for murderous tribal warfare.

When they encountered tribal wars, they pointed out that not many people seemed to get killed in any fight --- forgetting that raiding one's neighbors is often a weekly sporting event, like Monday Night Football.

So war death rates go to thirty percent over a lifetime, not counting injuries, rapes and ethnic cleansings. And it turns out that even the "peaceful" peoples, like Bushmen, boast of their human kills.

"They justify killing by explaining that they just get really mad."
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Sheila Fraser announces another whopper theft by liberals, largely facilitating or complicit in the crime will be more scummy media people.

Election is called soon after the discovery, and the libs are decimated, Harper gets a majority, and takes a freakin buzz saw to the top third of the Death Trap Nanny State in a glorious one week bureaucratic bloodbath for elitist leftard entitled fatcat cheque cashers.

Three seconds after doubling the staff of the Auditor General and opening the once secret financial records of all the foundations set up by the liberals, it is discovered that the federal Liberals are in fact the mafia.

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