15 January 2007

A message from...

The Anonymous Friends of Dennis Kwame Oppong...

Please inform us when someone in your family gets hurt or killed so we can judge and slander them...

-- "You know what they say, goat dont make sheep." --
Dennis Oppong, a man who had served time for homicide in Toronto, was recently murdered himself.

His friends think he got a bum rap...

I don't know what goats and sheep have to do with anything... but, in the interest of fairness and equal time, you can see what they have to say.

Oh yeah... if they really want to know when "someone in my family gets hurt or killed", they'll have to leave me an email address.

UPDATE: Granted he was provoked by another commentator, but it just goes to show you... racism is a two way street.
Are you jealous because anything you can do we can do better? is it that our women have natural beauty that's why a 50 year will look 35. are you so upset because we hold our culture close and you Mr. cracker don't have one anymore because you've forgotten where you come from. Ignorant fool! name you time and place and I'd be more than happy to repeat my comments to your face!
With this kind of big-talk bravado... it's not too hard to see why so many young black men are both shooters and shootees in the big smoke.

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