23 January 2007

Bring back the death penalty

There's an eyewitness to at least one murder... he gave it up to an undercover cop planted in his prison cell... he kept severed heads, hands and feet around, for what... to make soup?

-- Defence lawyer Peter Ritchie later urged jurors to keep an open mind. He said they should not make any conclusions until they hear all the evidence.
Ya know what Petey... I'm thinkin' you and the rest of the defense team are probably the only people in the country who think this dog and pony show needs to last a whole year. That must be some taxpayer funded payday.

Euthanise this piece of shit. Do it now.

UPDATE: Who is Peter Ritchie?

Think of him as a Philosopher-Prince of Justice...
Unless the B.C. government quickly agrees to fund lawyers for accused serial killer Robert (Willy) Pickton, the Port Coquitlam pig farmer could be representing himself at next month's preliminary hearing.

Pickton's lawyer Peter Ritchie said Friday that he will withdraw from the case in a week if the attorney-general's ministry has not offered money to pay for a defence team. He said he needs four additional lawyers to go through tens of thousands of pages of evidence disclosed by the prosecution.

Ritchie said his client, who jointly owns land valued in the millions of dollars, is broke and needs assistance to cover the cost of his defence on 15 counts of murdering women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
To which, Attorney-General Geoff Plant responded...
"I am not working according to the timetable set by Mr. Ritchie's threat in the media," Plant said. "Mr. Ritchie has a $375,000 lien on Mr. Pickton's property. Mr. Ritchie accepted this case a long time ago knowing he was responsible for making his own arrangements for an appropriate retainer and now in this stage in the proceedings, he wants government funding."
To balance his karmic debt, I hope that Peter Ritchie never, ever gets the banjo music from "Deliverance" out of his head... for as long as he lives.

As for Pickton, there's no working off his sins. Ever.

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Mark said...

I SO second that.

Neo Conservative said...

puts me in mind of the old richard pryor bit about getting caught in bed with his girlfriend... by his wife.

"c'mon honey... who ya gonna believe... me, or your lyin' eyes?"


Concerned said...

Whatever happened to the old fashioned "Necktie Party". If ever there was a reason for it, this is it.

Neo Conservative said...

let's face it... if you wouldn't pull the switch on this guy... everybody who ever lived gets a pass.


William E. Demers said...

This man is a sicko. There are lots of other sick people like this. And rather than wasting our money to let them live life in a country jail with horse-riding, golfing, etc., (while they heal his poor old soul) it would be nice to remove these scum from this existence.

Neo Conservative said...

it makes no sense to spend millions of dollars to warehouse guys like pickton, clifford olsen or paul bernardo.