20 January 2007

The honesty imbalance

Got cancer? You might wanna move to Quebec.

Remember Dalton McGuinty? He was the guy who wasn't going to raise your taxes. Well, except for when he did... like the OHIP "health care premium."

So what has he done with his "it's not a tax" premium. He hasn't improved diagnostic medicine... that's for sure.

As of Oct. 31, 408 Ontario patients had obtained PET scans through the registry and 926 patients had scans as part of the clinical trials.

Quebec provides the broadest access to PET machines; this year, it plans to do 21,000 scans. Patients can access PET scans in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick.
Never mind patient access... doctors have to be sent outside the country, just to be trained on the potentially life-saving machines.
Yesterday, Conservative health critic Elizabeth Witmer called the relocation of nuclear-medicine residents an "embarrassment." She said she is concerned they may not return to Ontario.
MEMORY LANE UPDATE: Hmmmm... sounds familiar...
So... twenty months and 2 million privately raised dollars later, the McGuinty Liberals have yet to get back to the hospital board about this lifesaving piece of equipment.

The Chief of Staff, Dr. Barry Guppy has another concern.

Guppy said the hospital needs at least two radiologists to clear a backlog of people waiting for MRI or CT scans. Non-urgent cases have had to go to hospitals like Cobourg and Kingston to have the scans done.

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Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh has more MRI's than Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

i wouldn't be surprised if botswana had more mri's than we do.

if you've sat in an emergency waiting room for longer than it takes to drive to the nearest big city... thank a liberal.