26 January 2007

I can wait a week...

If it means there really is more to this story...

After a heated exchange in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales promised to release more information about the Maher Arar case.

Asked when that would be, the attorney general said he was hoping to get the information next week.
This has been one sensational media ride, but I think I must have missed the coverage of Arar publicly renouncing his Syrian citizenship.

It seems obvious, now that he's a wealthy man, he'll need to protect himself against any "misunderstanding" from the Syrian Rubber Hose Brigade when he's travelling anywhere in the future.

MEMORY LANE UPDATE: Are Bill and Annie gonna apologise too


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Anonymous said...

Arar's fellow citizens in Syria allegedly tortured him - Syria should compensate him and the RCMP members that gave false information should be fired.

Neo Conservative said...

another factoid.

arar's dual syrian-canadian citizenship is what allowed the deportation from the usa. if he knew syria was such a dangerous, repressive place... why not simply ditch it when he took canadian papers?

has he renounced his syrian passport after all this... and if not, why not?

just curious.


Anonymous said...

Please, please, PLEASE keep pushing this issue. It's a real winner for you guys. It doesn't at all make you look like unsympathetic a**hats.

Neo Conservative said...

anony-mouse says..."PLEASE keep pushing this issue."

ah, yes... in librano land, you all have to sing from the same politically correct hymn book... even in defiance of the actual facts.

no questions allowed. no thinking for yourself.

you know... like asking which liberal administration let arar languish in a syrian jail for all that time.

"By July 2003, Chrétien's office sent a letter to Syria demanding Arar's release. But that was 10 months after his arrest and 3 1/2 months after officials first proposed a letter. That was a long delay for a man facing torture."

please... don't give me your slick, leftbot hypocrisy... it stank then and it stinks worse now.


IslandLiberal said...

Syria doesn't allow people to renounce its citizenship; he can't give it up.

Neo Conservative said...

"IslandLiberal said... Syria doesn't allow people to renounce its citizenship; he can't give it up."

that's total fluff, friend. it's not about what syria wants, or what syria does. even with their fascistic law, they simply don't have jurisdiction over a mono non-hyphenated canadian citizen, who isn't actually in their dirty, sweaty blood-soaked hands.

is arar simply a canadian citizen... by virtue of applying for canadian citizenship while giving up his syrian citizenship... or did he, as do many other people, choose to retain dual canadian-syrian citizenship?

nobody wants to say... why is that?

the former instance would have seen him sent back to canada... only the latter would allow the americans to deport him to syria.

there's a choice immigrants can make here. what was mr arar's choice?

as hard as this may be for bush hating libs to grasp.... syria doesn't call the shots at american or canadian border control.

what we do know about syria and like-minded states, is that they have no respect for democracy... or rule of law.

that's, with one notable exception, simply the middle east. you live there, you takes your chances.

hopefully, it's why arar chose canada. because in syria, as he has told the world, he was just another piece of meat.

in the usa... they've declared a war on terror. they say they deported him for their own "security reasons." that was their call...if arar chose to retain dual citizenship... he gave the usa the tool to deport him to syria, rather than canada... and he has to bear part of the responsibility here.

there's a lesson here for immigrants.

choose canadian citizenship... and don't hedge your bets, by retaining a connection to unsavoury, autocratic countries... like syria.

how hard is that to understand?


sarcasmus said...

Arar was a Canadian citizen, travelling with a Canadian passport. He does not hold a Syrian passport.

By virtue of being born in Syria, he is a Syrian citizen. Syria does not recognize renunciation of Syrian citizenship. If you are once a Syrian citizen, you are always a Syrian citizen, in the eyes of Syria.

The country giving you citizenship is the one that decides whether you are a citizen or not. The idea that Arar could "publicly renounce" his Syrian citizenship is as ludicrous as the idea that you would get Canadian citizenship by "publicly announcing" it.

Arar's Syrian citizenship is an accident of his birth, and has nothing to do with any choice on his part.

Why don't you go read a newspaper or something? It might keep you from being such an ignorant, crashing bore.

Neo Conservative said...

sarcasmus... you were right about one thing. the more information you have... the clearer the picture.

All I know is what I see in the media, but the gentleman below appears to have done a little additional digging. If what he's saying is not true... I'd appreciate you setting us straight.

If these are indeed the facts, could this be why the United States feels justified in keeping Arar on the watchlist?

Just asking.


Entry begins...

I found this info from the archives and the Gov.ca website that has transcripts from the inquiry.

Lets have an inquiry into the insane refugee system where someone like Arar can flee to Canada as a Draft-Dodger from Syria and get instant Citizenship and a passport, just to travel back to the area of oppression on several occasions.

He finally flees Canada after CAIR's Lawyers coach him to not help Canada expose Terror cells in Ottawa.

Arar never reported that he left Canada with his wife and kids for the Middle East. He then tried to enter the USA at JFK by himself, after deplaning a flight from Tunisia as a single, young, muslim, male Syrian using a Canadian Passport.

The US then exercised it's Right to deny Arar entry and then the mess started.

Tunisia wouldn't take him back... since Arar never reported to Tunisia that he was in their Country as a Canadian visitor so the Canadian Embassy would know about it. Then the RCMP hears about a "person" at JFK using a Canadian passport as a Syrian, whose last know whereabouts was in Ottawa with his family.

Next the US can only get Jordan to take him back so he can get a direct flight to Canada with his family who are back in the Middle East.

Arar was flown to JORDAN, not Syria as the CBC keeps repeating. Arar's own statement declares he was kidnapped by Arabs in Jordan... for being a draft-dodger...

Arar's dual Citizenship as a refugee backfired big-time and the media leaves out the important facts that created his plight.

sarcasmus said...

You're quoting someone on that site!? Why don't you just quote Wikipedia while you're at it?

It's clear from your copy-and-paste from cbcwatch that you haven't, as you claim, actually read the transcripts from the hearing, or, indeed, anything actually germane to the case.

But tell me this, Mister Expert Person: if you can't renounce your Syrian citizenship, and you left Syria before you became of eligible military age, how can you possibly be anything but a draft dodger to Syria?

Neo Conservative said...

sarc... funny, no real argument, just a rehash... poor arar, nasty syria.

go babble at rabble. they'll love you there.