11 January 2007

A big truck called Gomery...

More like "A Streetcar Called Big Liar."

Quebec Liberal MP Jean Lapierre heads for greener pastures...

“Paul Martin became prime minister and then got hit by a big truck called Gomery,” he said, referring to the sensational inquiry into Liberal corruption, conducted by Justice John Gomery in 2005. “After that, it was very difficult.

People didn't trust any more politicians in general and Liberals in particular. In those murky waters, it was difficult for anyone to swim and stay afloat.”
Well, to be fair... it was really only a problem if you were up to your neck in Liberal sewage.

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Anonymous said...

He makes it sound like Gomery's fault when everyone knows it is the Liberal Party's fault due to corruption and malfeasance.

The Gomery inquiry was initiated to obfuscate and make people think Liberal thefts were simply 'the usual business' of government.

Now that people are beginning to realize that theft and mismanagement are not 'the usual business' of government, the Liberals are beginning to realize that there aren't enough Canadian voters willing to give them the keys to the treasury again. So the rats leave the sinking ship.

Neo Conservative said...

"He makes it sound like Gomery's fault ..."

true... the fish wriggling on the hook...

but it ain't over just yet.

i saw in the papers where adscam is still being actively investigated. let's see how the fiberals handle being hit by the freight train called "arrested, tried and imprisoned."

they'd better pray for an election before anyone else gets fingered.


Anonymous said...

He makes it sound like he will lose the next election and is jumping off the ship like the rat he is.
(real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing making a space for justin trudeau in the resultant by-election, isn't just a happy coincidence either.


RGM said...

Of all the things that I've criticized Martin for in the past couple years, ordering the Gomery Commission was never one of them. It was the right thing for him to do, even if it didn't necessarily go far enough, and even though it ultimately ruined his political career. So yeah, he got hit by a truck, but he laid down on the road when he ordered it.

Neo Conservative said...

martin took a calculated risk with gomery... he just figured the big truck would gobsmack teflon jean and that'd be it.

he screwed up and took a lot of the weight himself instead.

martin's no saint... let's not forget he's, among other things, a the liberal fatcat who registered his csl ships offshore to duck canadian taxes.