20 January 2007

If you're a boring horse's ass...

You can still be a legend in your own mind.

Just make shit up...

Worth the read, if only to see the Globe and Mail NOT fawn over Stephane Dion.

“We had a neighbour named Gaston Moisan, a biologist who was a deputy minister of natural resources. He set traps for the rabbits, to band them, and used to take me with him. He was 5-foot-7, but he was a giant for me.”

A charming childhood anecdote — except, according to Mr. Moisan, it never happened. “I don't know how he could have imagined that,” the retired bureaucrat and university professor says. “I had nothing to do with Stéphane.
Yeah, sure Steffi...it's okay, I believe ya.

If anyone thinks Dion is popular in Quebec, they're in for a big shock...
When he appeared on the Télé-Québec public affairs show Les Francs-tireurs last fall, interviewer Patrick Lagacé asked him to prove that he has a sense of humour.

Mr. Dion replied by asking whether he was familiar with the world's shortest bedtime story.

“Do you know Bam, The Dog?”

Mr. Lagacé admitted he did not, so Mr. Dion recited it for him: “The car goes by, and bam, the dog. Now go to sleep.

Mr. Lagacé was incredulous. “It's not funny,” he said as Mr. Dion laughed almost uncontrollably and, it turned out, viewers squirmed.
We're talkin' "invisible friend" scary over here.

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Anonymous said...

How will the liberals ditch Dion yet make it look like they didn't blow it in Montreal?

Plus Jean-Dion is making nice with any and all potential enemies so we have no Chretien/Martin dynamic to work from either?

Time will tell.
(real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

"MONTREAL (CP) - It seemed a harmless gesture to reward the lowliest candidate for a gallant campaign. It may have changed the course of the Liberal leadership race, handing the crown to Stephane Dion."

Dion portrays himself as a dragonslayer... but in reality, he's more like... a careless accident.


Concerned said...

During the time the Liberals were selecting a leader, I seriously thought that Dion would be be their best choice. To me he seemed to represent the greatest threat to the Consevatives as oppossed to the other candidates. Now, slowly but surely, it's starting to look like he's the best gift the Conservatives could have wished for. If Harper plays his cards right, it seems to me that a Conservative majority may not be out of the question next election. However, I have been wrong before.

Neo Conservative said...

naming his dog kyoto says it all... my party and i didn't do shit about "greenhouse gases" when we were in government for a decade, but i must care about it deeply... here's the proof.

nothing says hypocritical liberal like a crass, meaningless stunt.


Anonymous said...

that was funny! especially coming from Milhouse!

Neo Conservative said...

Let 'Dion Quixote' tilt at the global warming windmill... while Consevatives actually improve peoples lives.