15 January 2007

No cutlery for you

I can't wait for Steffi and company to call for a ban -- (or at the very least, a Sharp Objects Registry) -- on knives and forks...

-- Toronto -— A new study shows that injuries from guns and knives account for more than 40,000 trauma visits to Ontario emergency rooms each year.

-- The study by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services found that knives or sharp objects account for the vast majority — 98 per cent — of trauma visits.
Think of the lives and suffering that could be saved, if we just had mandatory plastic cutlery...

Because, you know.... that 2 billion dollars the Liberals flushed on "The Farmer Bob Rifle Registry" has worked out so well.

UPDATE: What about going after criminals instead?
“The sad truth is that every shooting reported by the media proves the Liberal’s firearms program isn’t working. If the gun was unregistered – it failed! If the gun was registered – it failed!"

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Anonymous said...

The Police Chief in London Ontario seriously wants a 'Beer Keg' registry. Unbelievable.

Perhaps the NDP/Liberals would like each of us to be forced to give the government an itemized list of everything we own, how we spend our money, who we talk to etc. etc. - and be forced to justify our choices.

Neo Conservative said...

the liberal nanny state just wants what's best for you... you know, like the borg.

you don't really think you could, for instance, do as good a job raising your own children as the ephemeral "liberal funded national daycare and child shaping" program?

you probably support that scary, hidden conservative agenda... you know the one... "where you have to make up your own mind."


DazzlinDino said...

HERE is a great link to use in the anti gun registry area. It shows numerous countries where gun registtries have actually driven violent crimes up by a large percentage.

Neo Conservative said...

dino... thx for the link