15 January 2007

No broad strata BS here

Unlike the namby-pamby politically correct yipyap we have become accustomed to in Canada, the Brits say what they mean...

-- Six men planned "murderous suicide bombings" on public transport in London on 21 July 2005, a court has heard.

-- The prosecution has told Woolwich Crown Court of their alleged "extremist Muslim plot" targeting the capital - 14 days after the 7 July bombings.
In this particular case, the devil was indeed in the details...
The prosecutor told how six bombs were made using a mix of liquid hydrogen peroxide, chapatti flour, acetone and acid.

Each bomb was placed in a large plastic container and screws, tacks, washers or nuts, were taped to the outside to "maximise the possibility of injury", Mr Sweeney said.
If these freedom fighters are found guilty, they should get an Iraqi necktie party... maybe it'll make the next lot of jihadis think twice.

MEMORY LANE: Tim Blair nails it...
The Toronto Star reports:

"In investigators’ offices, an intricate graph plotting the links between the 17 men and teens charged with being members of a homegrown terrorist cell covers at least one wall. And still, says a source, it is difficult to find a common denominator."

-- We now cross live to the set of CSI Toronto, where filming is underway:

-- Sgt. Warren Bollard: (staring in bewilderment at an intricate graph) I just can’t find any common denominator! It seems as though these 17 men and teens have absolutely no point of commonality at all!

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WED said...

Thank God for the brave men and women who risks their lives on a daily basis to make sure psychopaths such as these do not achieve their goals.

Neo Conservative said...

And for people like like Prime Minister Stephen Harper... who have the smarts and the political will to "do the right thing" despite all the politically correct horseshit that passes for deep thought these days.


Anonymous said...

'No common denominator' - how much do they pay that guy to tell the world he's a complete moron?

A whole bunch of cops do a lot of work busting these terrorists - and the spokescop proceeds to act like a moron and say patently stupid things!

Isn't that a bit of an insult to the cops who worked on the case? Or could it be high praise too perhaps? It's hard to tell when morons are talking...

Neo Conservative said...

mark steyn calls this phenomena creeping sharia.