29 January 2007

And democracy wept...

Nova Scotia held a special by-election yesterday for the African-Nova Scotian seat on the South Shore regional school board.

No one voted.
Peter Loewen dropped by to comment on a post I made recently. Unlike a lot of the mostly anonymous "hit and run" name-callers, he made a calm, lucid, non-partisan argument... and sat back and waited for a response.

He's worth the read.
Political scientists have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out why and when people vote. This book is a great overview of the research, this article is rather pathbreaking, and this argument is quite compelling.
At the risk of trashing my rep as a lowbrow, kneejerk, 'shoot-em-all, let god sort 'em out' Neo-Conservative, I just have to quote Peter, one more time...
I am generally of the mind - and it's due to my training - that a lot of what we find in the world we find because we want to and not because it is "true".

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OMMAG said...

As a way of dealing with the situation where no-one votes why not abolish the position?

Seems it's not important enough to notice so it should be unimportant enough to do without!

Neo Conservative said...

that's actually a pretty good idea... apathy being it's own reward.

i have a friend who firmly believes in not voting ever. of course, he also believes all drugs, starting with heroin, should be legalised.


Anonymous said...

And if Liberals could tax them and get the money for campaign funding you'd see it so...