23 January 2007

Screwing over John Q. Public...


CARP study reveals politicians and bureaucrats are enjoying full coverage of drugs while failing to provide the same in public plans.

-- OTTAWA, January 22, 2007 – While politicians and bureaucrats make critical decisions on which drugs to cover in public drug plans, they themselves already enjoy full coverage of these same drugs under their own plans, CARP, Canada's Association for the Fifty Plus, revealed today.

They're even totally covered for drugs THAT ARE STILL UNDER REVIEW.

You might want to email, write or fax your Member of Parliament... and ask them them why, in addition to their gold-plated pension plans, they voted themselves and members of the uncivil service medical benefits denied to their constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Amusing, but irrelevant comparison of an employer-sponsored health care plan with social programs. The former is part of the cost of attracting and retaining employees, and you can bet your last dollar most major corporations have something similar. The latter is part of the welfare state.... so who is being screwed? CARP are carping while comparing apples and oranges.

Neo Conservative said...

total horseshit... go tell it to your public service union steward.

why do these people fatten themselves on the public purse? for the same reason a dog licks it's balls... because it can.

the pols and the uncivil service have pensions that are, on average, seven times richer than the average canadian citizen. the drug plan is another gold-plated perk they give themselves... because they can.

and of course, bigwigs in corporations do the same thing... but john q. public invariably gets screwed over.


Concerned said...

Well, "neo conservative", I see this kind of got your goat. I for one, am totally in agreement with you. These people seem to have absolutely no sense of fair play whatsoever. They will milk it for whatever they can get away with, and to hell with everyone else.

Neo Conservative said...

what really pisses me off is how so called "progressives like "taliban jack" and "holier than thou chow" are willing to belly up to the trough while simultaneously decrying it.

that especially stinks.