17 January 2007

On Ya Neez Bitch

Jerome Almon, the owner of Murdercap Records... says Canada just isn't playing fair...

-- Mr. Almon also said that guards often appeared concerned about his music. He believes their reaction was part of a broader Canadian government desire to crack down on rap lyrics, which critics say glorify violence and misogyny.

-- Asked whether the criticism is valid when applied to his music -- said to include songs such as On Ya Neez Bitch and How Stella Got My Backhand
-- he was dismissive.
Comparing himself to Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks... and Canada to North Korea and Iran... Mr Almon, who, with the help of the President of the Detroit ACLU, is suing two former federal ministers and 95 border guards for 900 million dollars, leaves us with his raison d'etre...
-- "Art always reflects the society. Detroit is a city that is extremely black, extremely backward, extremely violent and extremely misogynistic," he said. "I can't create art without reflecting the reality.

-- I don't live in a Brady Bunch world."
As Harry Truman once said, "If that's art, then I'm a Hottentot."

UPDATE: Rolling Stone Magazine weighs in
Further, he alleges that while Canada profiles U.S. rappers, it is protects known Muslim terrorists responsible for U.S. casualties. He also claims Canada has a Rap Intelligence Unit that employs information-sharing with the FBI.
Which also serves up our Oxymoron of the Week...
"Rap Intelligence Unit"

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Radmila said...

You know, it's sad when someone has a point, and then proceeds to say things that make themselves sound like a looney tunes.

Perhaps if he just shut up and let his lawyers do the talking, he may have a chance at making a point...but if he keeps talking it'll be easy to dismiss what he's on about.

I already have.

Neo Conservative said...

sounds to me like jerome is the last person in the world who should be asking for fair play.

anyone who thinks "on ya neez bitch" is an appropriate sentiment is a disturbed, sociopathic individual.

he should watch his own ass... it all comes around.