03 August 2013

Bodycount 2013

In other "rose by any other name" news...

The event was billed by one promoter as a “sexy...not skanky affair” and a “classy” event telling women to wear shorts and “chic” swimwear.
Just another story you won't see on "The National."


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...'cos, if you don't pay, you don't play...
According to Alexander, the Caribana Arts Group has asked for $250,000 from the FMC to use the Caribana name. Gomez wouldn’t comment on the specifics of what an agreement would look like.
Multiculturalism... it's not as simple as you think.


UPDATE: Obviously just a coincidence
TORONTO – Toronto police say they are investigating three separate shootings that took place on Saturday night in the city’s downtown core.
The joint was jumpin'.


Frances said...

And what were the men told to wear to this 'not skanky' event?

Neo Conservative said...