12 August 2013

Notorious local thug, Angus McTartan...

...charged, once again, with... wait a minute...

oops there goes another...

Mohamed Salim, 28, of Toronto, faces nine charges including attempted murder, discharging a firearm endangering life and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

Abdiweli Abdi, 25, of Toronto, is charged with assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous.

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A man in his 20s is being rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries following a shooting in the city’s northwest end.
The northwest end... right in the heart of Toronto's little Glasgow, right?


Anonymous said...

ummm so does this mean the guy goes to jail????? Oh yeah I forgot this is Canada the land of the bleeding hearts.....he'll be out on bail (again) this time tomorrow.

BTW....love the multicultural names on these garbage....another true example of Canadian culture..

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps if the msm wasn't devoting all their resources 24/7 to try catch the mayor with a beer in his hand, they'd notice all the escalating violence at those highland fling competitions.