28 August 2013

Did he pull out his penis before or after...

...he started waving that knife around? The point is, I don't think cops were dealing with a man who was gonna respond to "pretty, pretty please"...
knife to a gunfight
Alok Mukherjee, chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, took a similar view. “I always worry about the possibility that if we give more hardware, whether police officers will still make every possible effort to use their skills and communication and de-escalation before they use the hardware.”
If Sammy Yatim's father (and let's give him the benefit of the doubt) couldn't live with, never mind reason with his own son... why does Alok Mukherjee assume the cops (faced by a screaming man with a knife) would be able to "use their words" to soothe Sammy's inner demons?

There are a whole lot of other people involved in this situation, who knew and apparently cared enough about this guy, that they could have gotten him the help he so obviously needed.

I guess it's easier just to put it all on the cops.


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Heck, isn't that how they do it in Syria?
As of Tuesday evening, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin said he didn't see the need at the time for an apology to the wrongly accused officer, but after police officials met Wednesday with members of the ombudsman's staff and gave them "concrete information" exonerating Dennis, Marin said he was sorry.
Remember Barack Obama vilifying the Boston cop in the Louis Gates boondoggle? Just standard operating procedure for the lunatic left.

Perhaps Mr Clouseau, er... Marin should stick to arbitrating rent disputes. Investigating doesn't appear to be his strongest suit.