27 August 2013

In other "crime is down" news

Saturday afternoon, one of the busiest intersections in the city, just down the street from the largest police station in the city...

Toronto Police are searching for video footage to help identify a suspect in the brazen daylight attack of a woman whose nose was severed. The 76-year-old woman was transferring from the streetcar to the subway at Dundas station on her way home shortly before 2 p.m. on Saturday.

As she rode an elevator down from Dundas Square, the man assaulted her, cutting off her nose, then fled.
Call me an alarmist, but when thugs start cutting bits off old ladies in broad daylight, I'd say you've reached some sort of a tipping point.


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Police in Toronto are investigating a pair of robberies from people after they were injured in collisions.

Investigators say a man was robbed on Wednesday after being struck by a car in Toronto’s east end (at the Lawrence and Birchmount area). Witnesses say that as the victim lay bleeding on the street waiting for paramedics, a woman walked by and stole the rolls of coins he had been carrying.

Last Saturday, a cyclist was struck by a car (at Oxford Street and Spadina Avenue) and police say a man grabbed her bag and rummaged through it while she was semi-conscious.
Hospitable Hogtown.


Anonymous said...

First they smoke marijuana
then they cut your nose off.


Neo Conservative said...

if millionaire socialist heir transparent justin t is the new poster boy for marijuana consumption... i think i'll stick to corona.