07 August 2013

One People... One Law...

...yet another antiquated Canadian conceit...

TORONTO - Toronto Police officers are investigating allegations of hate speech after a speaker at a controversial anti-Israel rally said Jews must vacate that country OR BE SHOT DEAD.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the group claiming to have complained to police, identified the speaker as Elias Hazineh.

The speech was made last Saturday at an annual Al-Quds Day rally at Queen's Park.

The Al-Quds rally of 2011 featured Muslim commentator Zafar Bangash, who at the time, called Israel an "apartheid state" of "oppressors and criminals."
Let's face it, you come from a place where small claims court has been supplanted by "throw him off a tall building"... you're likely gonna feel Canadian laws are just too precious.

Yet again, the fruits of multiculturalism expose their bitter pulp.


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Anonymous said...

The islamic supremacy goons that want to sacntion pedophilia and misogyny in canada are allowed to spew their hatred because people no longer expect much from muslims in general. It's the soft bigotry of Lowered-expectations that Justin Trudeau uses to excuse away his ties to pro-Terrorism groups wanting to murder candians.
i seen this movie before and the Police will sweep it under the rug
just as they allow the child-abuse during PRIDE as naked males flash their penis at little girls as if THIS is normal for the Gay Village.
Tamils uses children as shields to storm the Gardiner and terrorize canadians to occupy our land for about 9 hours as Miller and the Cops allow that as well.
New comer from violent hell-hole know that Terrotrism works, so they imported here and we must now wait for the bombs to go off as Imam's calim that islam-Peace.

Know Islam - NO Peace
NO islam KNOW Peace

Anonymous said...

Well at least thank God that nothing was said about islam. Cause if there was then I'm sure you'd definitely see the police getting involved and charges laid against someone.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, it's only boring old caucasians who are held to the letter of the law.

if you're aboriginal, or muslim, etc & ad nauseum... you get a total pass. why is that?

more to the point, when exactly did we give up on rule of law in this country? seems it happened just about the time of st pierre of quebec.

do we really wanna play by middle eastern rules? 'cos it seems to me, it hasn't brought them very far outta the dark ages.