27 August 2013

Justice in Junkieville

Of course, a society that resorts to vigilante tactics, however successful, is a society in decline...fight back for justice

"The incident prompted Vancouver police to caution residents against taking matters into their own hands, even though Ms. Smith’s bike might have been lost if not for her sleuthing."
The police can't help out... what'cha gonna do?


GRM said...

Sure, call the cops - they get your bike & put in the impound and paperwork you to death while you try and get it back. The perp feels picked on and files a complaint with the HRC,and she is ordered to pay restitution. Meanwhile her bike is sold off at the police auction.
Good for her, well done, girl!

Neo Conservative said...

i hear ya, bro... just don't expect any sympathy from the cops or the justice system. they're the folks who arrest people for defending their own lives or property. you do something like this, you're way out there... all on your lonesome.

as for calling police in emergencies... remember, when seconds count, they're only minutes away.