07 August 2013

Orwell was right

If mandatory Obamacare is such a good deal, why did Members of Congress & Congressional Hill staffers demand to be exempted?

Last week, when President Barack Obama came to the Hill to meet with Senate Democrats, he informed them that he would personally get involved to sort out the confusion, and the White House said that OPM would issue guidelines this week.

The guidelines, released Wednesday, allow for members and staff to retain their subsidies from the government.
So... Obamacare for the great unwashed and not for the politicians and their cronies.

Some animals ARE MORE EQUAL than others.


Pissedoff said...

The Usless States of Aholes

Frances said...

Lets make a new law, Neo: lawmakers are NOT allowed to exempt themselves from programs such as Obamacare; nor are they allowed to grant themselves better benefits than they allow the general public - and I'm thinking pension entitlement here.