19 August 2013

Sure, it's easy to ignore Fox news...

...but when one of Obama's biggest media cheerleaders stops sippin' the kool-ade...even the liberal media is worried

Think about three recent presidential declarations. A few weeks back, the president appeared on CBS to claim that the secret FISA court is “transparent.” He then appeared on NBC to claim that “We don’t have a domestic spying program.” Then, as mentioned above, he held a press conference on Friday to suggest there was no evidence the NSA was “actually abusing” its power.

I guess it’s possible Obama has merely been “wrong” but has not been lying. But the implications of that would be just as bad — albeit in a different way — as if he were deliberately lying.

It would mean that he is making sweeping and wildly inaccurate statements without bothering to find out if they are actually true. Worse, for him merely to be wrong but not deliberately lying, it would mean that he didn’t know the most basic facts about how his own administration runs.
Not all unicorns and fairy dust after all.


Anonymous said...

Prorogue = inaction plan.

Disappointed taxpayer.

Neo Conservative said...

what exactly does proroguing have to do with obama's increasingly brazen mendacity?