26 August 2013

C'mon Gene, negative, uh... stuff?

Is that what we're calling it now?
Let’s make something positive with all the negative stuff, because there are a lot of positive things,” TCHC president and CEO Gene Jones said at the barbecue at the Swansea Mews housing complex, located in the Windermere Avenue and The Queensway area, Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon’s barbecue comes just hours after a double shooting in the community.
Swansea Mews... that sounds so familiar. Hang on, wasn't that the place where... good grief.



Meet TCH president and CEO Gene Jones...
"Galloway questioned Jones about reports that a security light was not working at the spot where Montaque was shot. There are reports the light had been out for more than a week."

“'There’s a process that we have to go through,' said Jones. 'We have public dollars that we have to protect. There’s a procurement process that we have to go through. We can’t just go up there and pull out a light bulb.'"
Wait... there's more...
Gene Jones, president and CEO of Toronto Community Housing told reporters he said he doesn't have any magic solution, but finding jobs for disenfranchised youth could go a long way to keeping them out of gangs.
That's funny... we find jobs for people these days? So they won't shoot people? On what page of the Capitalist Pig manual did you find that little gem, Gene?

It's interesting to note that Mr Jones, who makes $200,000.00 a year, was brought in from the United States to "organise" the TCH community. I wonder if Mr Jones will be getting his 10% performance bonus this year...
-- TORONTO -- Less than two months into the new year, three young people — including a nine-year-old boy — have died from gunshots.
Apparently the poverty industry pays really well. Watch out Gene, a couple more community barbeques and you'll put yourself out of a job.


UPDATE: Does Gene deserve a bonus?
"Although Toronto Community Housing has provided police with surveillance footage from the town house complex’s 69 cameras, the one facing the scene of the crime had been spray-painted black and a number of others were not functioning."
It's a jungle out there.