16 August 2013

Da childrun is r futcher

"Every time a young person tells me what they would do if they were in power, I think of Piggy and his conch shell from Lord of the Flies."


Anonymous said...

A lot of them remind me of Elois, but unfortunately some of them remind me of Morlocks.

None of them read books, so they have to fill their time on Facebook, twitter, video games,etc.

Neo Conservative said...

these naive, too often uneducated products of the perennially indigent [insert name here] "communities" are simply cannon fodder for the ever-expanding, race-hustling professional poverty industry activists like bernie farber & sid ryan.

no one has ever taught them to think for themselves. they are taught to see themselves as victims... and to vilify the system... which pays out welfare benefits to multiple generations of freeloaders.

the latest example is sammy yatim, a stoner with a knife in one hand and his penis in the other, who charged at police while screaming obscenities... who has become their latest poster boy.

no wonder jack layton (he of the no-pants, underage teenage hooker raid) is still a hero to the lunatic left.


Magnafan said...

The concept of "child" is not age dependent. Many boomers are children, too. Instead of gaining productive careers making things, growing things, handling things, they stayed in academe. They caught the "knowledge of theory entitles me to run your life" disease.
It appears to be endemic among journalists and politicians who have gained entrance into the Upper West Side, DC, LA, Chi, Boston Bubble.
Gaining entrance into this club is almost as difficult as passing the multi-step entrance into the Muslim Brotherhood--and with similar results.

Neo Conservative said...

"magnafan says... They caught the 'knowledge of theory entitles me to run your life' disease."

i'd love to see a university lecture hall full of students with "you're not smart enough to tell me how to live" t-shirts.

never happen, though... they're all there to be spoonfed by the left-o-spheric teaching class.