22 August 2013

In other "9 meals from anarchy" news...

If things went to shit, just how long would it be before your neighbours were munching on a broiled haunch of, well... YOU...
playing with fire

"You can only assume that these glitches are going to continue into the future," says Todd Schoenberger, managing director of the BlackBay Group in New York. "This is a huge, huge negative. It's another black eye for Wall Street. This is not good for the retail investor. How are they supposed to trust what we do?"

Knight blamed the malfunctions on a software upgrade and said the episode would cost a whopping $440 million, a burden that will force the company to raise capital to cover.

The price tag on a market that already had been bleeding investor money is yet to be determined.
Toss in the Car-Salesman-in-Chief's ongoing trillion dollar boondoggle and you have the recipe for the perfect financial storm.