30 August 2013

Dateline 2038

lend me your ears

"CFN, the Celebrity Funeral Network, is reported to have won the bidding rights to the Obama funeral, and plans are underway to hold a three day funeral, to be broadcast from the spot where Chicago once stood. And corporate sponsors have already lined up to cover ad buys for the flowers, vehicles for the funeral train and logos for the coffin itself."


Anonymous said...

I was going to comment but hey, I just knew I would say something ugly.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon splutters... I just knew I would say something ugly."

you mean like the rest of the ocap-tinged rant that didn't get past moderation... some totally unrelated story that has absolutely nothing to do with the post?

"I suppose you're waiting to find out if the kid is black before you enlighten us. That's the kind of man you are."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 11:35 am, August 30, 2013"

usually you toss in something about me being fat or bald, or just call me a fag. what's the matter, you losin' your "a" game?

yet again, you settle for screaming "racist!!!" through the open porch window before running away.

of course, it's what the compassionate, intellectual left inevitably does.