18 December 2010

Write your own headline

-- OTTAWA -- Daniel Maxheleau, the paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed his parents and sister to death five years ago, wants to keep information about his latest transgressions secret.

The 35-year-old was supposed to appear before the review board Friday for a "restriction of liberty" hearing to determine whether he is fit to be living on his own.

But Maxheleau was so anxious about appearing before the board and members of the press, he refused to appear, instead opting to sit in the double-locked psychiatric unit where he's lived since Nov. 3.
Anxiety, huh? That's what we're calling it now? What does that mean exactly?
Police returned him to the Royal Ottawa Hospital after he was spotted walking naked and screaming in the street near his Findlay Creek home in Ottawa's south end.
Wait, wait... gimme a second here.

Never mind the naked psychotic rage thing... this guy slaughtered his entire family and he's out on the street in less than five years?