12 December 2010

If only there was a Long Gun Registry

Interestingly... no word yet on how many of those involved were actually... farmers, duck hunters or skeet shooters...
Ten people were injured and several others were taken into custody after what Vancouver police are calling “an outrageous display of gang violence”.

Six men and three women were treated for gunshot wounds and two of the victims were in critical condition. A tenth victim refused treatment and was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

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A Toronto cop’s gun was fired during a struggle with a man in North York early Sunday morning, police said.

There was a struggle, the suspect did try to disarm the officer,” Toronto Police Const. Everett Chan said. “As a result of the struggle, the firearm was discharged.”

Yordan Grigorov, 21, was charged with assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, attempted murder while using firearm, escaping lawful custody and other offences.