30 December 2010

I'm just waiting for grisly photographs...

smoking is bad for you?...of firefighters cutting mangled bodies out of cars to appear at pedestrian crossings... or on cases of beer. How about we start putting pictures of horribly burned people on the side of woodstoves?

Do they have dioramas of smelly, emaciated junkies at safe-injection sites? I mean, seriously... what kind of moron doesn't know that injecting/ingesting liberal doses of chemical poisons isn't good for you?

More to the point... isn't this type of self-destructive behaviour just nature's way of thinning out the herd? Why is it the taxpayer's responsibility to shell out billions of dollars annually to remediate this type of self-involved, self-inflicted immolation?

Oh, that's right... there's no such thing as personal responsibility anymore. It's all... "save me, oh wonderful government."

The larger question here, though... has to be... "Why would a truly Conservative government... a government that ostensibly respects the intelligence of the people... buy into this condescending propaganda shithole?"

And don't give me your sanctimonious "save the children" yip-yap. If your kid is an alcoholic, junkie, promiscuous, gang-bangin' fuckup... it isn't because the government let them down... it's because you failed as a parent.

If you're not prepared to put in the time and do the job properly... don't have children. It's that simple.


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...the next time you're stuck waiting in the local hospital emergency room for seven hours...
When the nurse asks him why he's using, he mumbles: “Experimentation, I suppose.” She doesn't ask if he's injected drugs before. She simply mixes up the stuff, ties off his unmarked arm and shows him how to find a good vein.
On a personal note... I bet Dalton McGuinty doesn't have to wait months to see a urologist.