01 December 2010

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...holding shit down...
death penalty
“He wouldn’t listen to me; he knew better and I didn’t know what I was talking about,” recalled the father of the city’s 58th murder victim.

He added his son associated with the worst kind of thugs. Yombo said they would come to the house, threaten and even assault him.

He said his son also hung out with Jermaine Derby, Sealand White and Albert Kiwubeyi — all executed during the last seven weeks.
Of course, that didn't stop "the community" from trying to gussy things up...
He was a nice boy. A good boy,” said Lol Mohammed, who met Yombo and his father when they moved into their townhouse about eight years ago from Montreal.

“I couldn’t believe when I heard what happened. I feel very sorry for his family,” she added.
Which didn't seem to sit too well with ol' Frenchie's dad.
Yombo’s father, though, didn’t seem to want the sympathy.

I feel good,” he told reporters.