14 December 2010

Sauce for the Goose?

Remember the (cough... cough) apparent difficulty the MSM had... finding pictures of Colonel Russell Williams... that didn't include Defense Minister Peter MacKay?

It'll be interesting to see how diligent the CBC & CTV are about exploring this guys political connections...
-- VANCOUVER -- A 42-year-old former political staffer with Vancouver's COPE party has been arrested and charged in connection with three terrifying child rapes over the past 15 years — one involving a six-year-old victim.
Irrelevant, you say?

Hmmm, as I recall... it seemed to be pretty much front and center... when a serial killer was being tenuously linked to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Or how about last weeks nonsensical stories about "once upon a time" Harper advisor Professor Tom Flanagan being a one-man assassination squad?

What the heck is COPE, anyway?
After graduating from UBC Theatre in 2002, Ibata went on a political detour and worked as a personal assistant to lawyer and Vancouver City Councillor Tim Louis, as well as Councillors Ellen Woodsworth, Tim Stevenson, and Dr. Fred Bass.

In 2005, Ibata was hired by the Coalition of Progressive Electors as a political organizer, and helped lead the organization into the November 2005 Civic Election. Ibata also worked on the 2005/2006 Federal election campaign as the Database Manager for the NDP in Vancouver Centre.

Ibata currently runs RhythmNation.ca, a local event production and DJ company, and has now returned to COPE – just in time for the 2008 election!

"I can now call you a nazi because of your use of Big Lie techniques. Hahahahahahahahaahhaha!"
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:02 PM, December 14, 2010