10 December 2010

Hang on a sec... probation? Seriously?

In other "live & don't learn" news...
-- WINNIPEG -- During an interview with his school guidance counsellor, the boy repeated references to the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres and threatened to kill a male classmate.

"The student involved was so scared he stopped going to school," Baragar said.

Another classmate claimed the teen told him he wanted to "blow up the school," Baragar said. School officials seized bomb diagrams from the teen and found gunpowder in his pockets.

Gembey said the teen is learning how to control his anger and has distanced himself from gang-affiliated friends.
Yeah... maybe he got scared straight, huh?
Judge Tracey Lord told the teen to choose his words more carefully in the future.

"I appreciate you don't censor yourself ... but sometimes these kinds of words can really scare people," she said.
Thank you Judge Yoko.