14 December 2010

C'mon now, Sven... don't take it personally...

...apparently these guys aren't too fond of Muslims either...
-- BAGHDAD -- A suicide bomber blew up his car Sunday outside government offices in a province west of the Iraqi capital, killing 17 people, including women and elderly people waiting to collect welfare checks, officials said.

At least 23 people also were wounded in Sunday's blast, according to the officials.

UPDATE: Maybe there is a gawd, huh?
The theory of an accidental detonation appeared to have gained some traction with the police.

The two explosions set off by the Stockholm bomber occurred on side streets crossing the pedestrian mall called Drottninggatan, the city’s principal shopping street, and suggested that a catastrophic outcome had been narrowly averted.
Once again... the capricious & unknowable "Will of Allah."


"you're a chickenshit taking potshots and(sic) the scary Muslims from the safety of your 60 acre bunker."
And thank you... Mr Anonymous irony-deprived troll.


LAST WORD: No Sharia Law in Canada?

I guess it depends on who... or more to the point... what deity you talk to.

Might also be a timely idea to start up "Kevlar Vest Fund"... to help out anyone who finds themselves on the wrong end of a fatwa.

And, no... I'm not joking.