09 December 2010

And despite this decision...

...whaddaya wanna bet... he never gets deported?
“I find that [Mohamed] Harkat has engaged in terrorism, that he is a danger to the security of Canada and that he is a member of the Bin Laden Network,” Justice Simon Noel writes in a decision released Thursday.

"Remember when Mr. Harkat made a show of cutting off his GPS ankle monitor? The male part of his crowd of supporters screamed "Allahu Akbar" while Mr. Harkat snipped away."

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The CSIS agents wanted to know how the Khadrs managed to travel between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Syria and Canada during the late 1990s, with no apparent means of support other than their work for Islamic charities.

Mr. Khadr replied his father lived off a Canadian disability pension.
Oh Canada.