02 December 2010

Why exactly, is it... you never hear about...

...laid-off politicians?
-- Newark, NJ -- 167 Newark police officers got pink slips, effective at midnight Tuesday, after negotiations between the city and the union broke down.

That means that one out of every six police officers who had been on the force in Newark on Monday -- when most of those crimes took place -- are now unemployed.

But, don't worry... it's not like... wait...
According to neighborhoodscout.com, 49.6 crimes committed per square mile is the median figure in the United States. Newark has 626 crimes committed per square mile, or 1262 percent more than the national median.

RELATED: Speaking of saving money...
City staff ran roughshod over a woman with dementia, chopping down her tree for no good reason and slapping her with the bill, Toronto ombudsman Fiona Crean says.

"The inspector was cavalier and dismissive throughout," Crean wrote in a report on the case released Thursday.

Crean said the city inspector didn't ensure the homeowner understood, or was capable of understanding, what she had been ordered to do, nor did he make any effort to contact her son, who left messages that were never returned.

The city does not dispute Crean's findings and has accepted the recommendations, the report says.
That's funny... absolutely no word about disciplinary action.

The good news though, is... there's a new sheriff in town.


UPDATE: Ask Rob Ford...
The city staffers who stonewalled and bullied an Alzheimer’s patient and her son over a silver maple should be fired, Mayor Rob Ford said Thursday.

They should be dismissed,” the mayor said, after Toronto Ombudsman Fiona Crean released a scathing report on the case. “I can’t tolerate behaviour like that,” he said.

Ford made customer service his first priority and says he’s going to insist on staff returning citizens’ calls and e-mails promptly.

"You(sic) ideas are in use south of the border. But you're just too fucking stupid or stubborn to admit it."
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