08 September 2007

The Man behind the Mask

As some of you know, there's been a bit of "a disturbance in the force" in the Progressive Blogosphere... over the threatened outing of self-described snarkmaster Canadian Cynic.

Which is actually quite funny because there are, according to Scott Tribe anyway, plenty of people who have broken bread with CC.

Now that revelation got me to wondering how Scott and all his "progressive" pals felt about the infamous "Fuck you and your grief" message that the Cynic recently spat into the face of Wanda Watkins, the mother of one of the young Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

It seems that all of the people at the big she-bang last August (with the exception of Shoshana Berman... see explanatory link***) are still crankin' out the socialist line on their progblogs.

So, in the interest of diversity of opinion and reconciling all the hurt feelings this matter has precipitated... I thought I'd give them all a chance to defend their fellow-traveller Canadian Cynic.

They are...
( -- pictured -- "Rebecca of Hope and Onions, David Graham of The World According to CDLU and his wife listening to a point being made, while the man concealed in black to protect his identity from raving right-wing lunatics is invited guest CC of Canadian Cynic.")
The other folks at "Gidget goes Granola" included... Philip Qua of The Wingnuterer, Mark Francis of Section 15 & Sudden Sage, Steve Valeriote of Far and Wide, Robert Pavlacic of Blast Furnace Canada Blog, Robert Rabey of Take Off, Eh!, Jeff Jedras of A BC'er In Toronto and Shoshana Berman of her same-named blog***.

Canadian Cynic, (he of the blacked out head) as of last night remains, to no one's surprise... totally unrepentant.

What say the rest of the "merry men & wymyn"?

Maybe Scott could post an uncensored version of the picture, huh?


By the way, I hear CC's a real ladies man.

Any of the gals care to confirm that?


UPDATE: Okay, our first reply...

Is Scott Tribe throwin' in with the Cynic... or just givin' us the rope-a-dope?


Hey Scotty, tell me... do I really seem like... what did you call me, "a wingnut"... compared to your gracious party hostess?

Now, there's a thought. Maybe the ever-outspoken Shoshana would be able to give us the scoop on the mysterious, blacked out CC.


Still waiting to hear from the rest of the progbloggers.

Oops... Scotty's lowering the boom. He says I've "been warned."


UPDATE2: I've left a message for Rebecca.

We might have better luck here... I've heard wymyn are way better communicators than us knuckle-draggin', mouth-breathin' dudes.


Gotta grab some zees, see y'all in the a.m.


GOOD MORNING: Nothing yet from Rebecca...

But over at Scott's DiaTribe, unlike O.J., they've found the "Real Killer."

Scott himself says my question is "off topic", thus unanswerable.

So Scott… when I ask if CC's still on your a-list… you're saying you won't answer… on a technicality?


UPDATE3: I've left a message for Dave

These linux guys are like Mr. Spock, Dave will be able to parse this thing out for us.


Meanwhile, back at the Halls, CC's alter-ego Ti-Guy drops by the comments here, to offer, you guessed it... more homoerotic e-sex...
"Seriously, you need a help...or a thick, juicy piece of tube-steak to distract you from the sociopathy that's becoming a little unsettling."
Oooooh, sassy boudoir talk... there's people gonna want a piece of that...
Cherniak_WTF whispers... You are quite the wingnut with this "outing". Does it give you a hard-on?

UPDATE4: It's a lazy Sunday morning...

And Canadian Cynic (yes, he of the blacked out head), champion of free speech and reasonable dialogue, has suddenly disabled anonymous comments on his blog...
"Once again, I had enabled anonymous comments, hoping against hope that some commenters were capable of at least a modicum of civility and reasonable dialogue.

And, once again, reality reaches over to slap me soundly across the face."
Oh my goodness CC... you're being victimised?

That's just, well... that's just not fair!


LAST WORD: Don't forget kiddies, there's a reward

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