17 September 2007

Blood, teeth and hair...

All over the place...

The phone at Jason's keeps ringing. Could someone please blackberry him for me and check that he's ok?

UPDATE: It's okay, everybody can relax...

Jason is back on his feet and spinning furiously like the Tasmanian Devil...
"No honest Liberal is happy with tonight's results."

"At the same time, no journalist who claims that this is a "blow to Dion's leadership" knows what he or she is talking about."
Okay, you get the lithium... I'll go fill the bathtub with icecubes.


Outremont has fallen out of Liberal hands only once previously since 1935.

The Liberals' current seat-count in Quebec - 12 - is the lowest since Confederation.

LAST WORD: Steffi agrees with Jason Cherniak

Outremont was a huge defeat... for Stephen Harper.
-- CROSBY, Ont. -- Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion says his party lost the by-election in Outremont to the New Democrats on Monday because voters were sending a message to the Conservative government to pull out of Afghanistan.
Hey buddy... whatever gets you through the night.

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Anonymous said...

There's an honest Liberal? Where?

GDW said...

Not a blow to Dion's leadership? That's not a man doing political spin, that's a dying carp flopping around on a beach. Poor guy.

syncrodox said...


Tonight Cherniak was unwittingly at his sardonic best.

I swear the elfish one brings tears of pure mirth to mine eyes.


Neo Conservative said...

"syncro said... unwittingly at his sardonic best"

he's a veritable anti-canary in the political coal mine... when cherny gets to squawking about all that lovely fresh air, the smart money starts scramblin' and clawin' up that freakin' ladder.


Anonymous said...

The boy puts his thinking hat on and comes up with "no lawn signs", with this type of in-depth analysis Dion should be out headed out of town around Halloween, one less clown amongst the trick and treaters.