18 September 2007

More "Applesauce for Allah"

I'm guessin' we're talkin' closed casket here.

-- KABUL -- U.S. air strikes targeting a meeting of Taliban leaders killed a high-ranking commander involved in the kidnappings of 23 South Koreans two months ago, Afghan officials said Tuesday.
Perhaps the "in your face" horror of war is beginning to have an effect on the "command and control" level of the insurgent forces.

You wouldn't know it, from coverage by CTV or the CBC, but these very specifically targeted strikes have been knocking people down as fast as the Taliban can set them up.
Mr. Jan was the fifth Taliban commander allegedly involved in the abductions who has been reported killed in recent days, and believed to be the highest-ranking one eliminated so far.
He's makin' a list... checkin' it twice... gonna find out...


Anonymous said...

Since Taliban are not part of a regular, recognized army - CBC types have no problem identifying them as civilians either, as though they're just a bunch of innocent farmers or bystanders instead of murdering thugs.

Taliban hate Americans - so the CBC love Taliban.